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We know how intimidating and daunting gyms can be.

StrongHER Fitness was born out the need for a fitness space that prioritized inclusivity, positivity and a welcoming and supportive environment - without the "ick" factor of big box gyms. With that we've attracted an amazing community of incredibly supportive, kind and empowering members who have helped us move further towards our goal of making fitness a space for everyone.

You can expect everyone to know your name when you walk through the door, plenty of laughs, kettlebell swings and rad '90s playlists. However, we know it can still be a little scary to take that first step. So here's a rundown on what else you can expect when you join StrongHER:



Rigid schedules are BS. They pretty much set you up to “fail” at some point because the only thing we can guarantee is that life WILL get in the way of your plan. Your kiddo gets sick, your old shoulder injury flares up, work meetings run late, and then what? Missing a workout can mess with your head, make you feel defeated and then you’re off the wagon again. So instead, we’ll focus on the big rocks - creating a flexible movement plan that you enjoy, that accommodates your busy schedule, and teaches you how to be consistent and malleable with your plan no matter what life throws your way.


At StrongHER we like to say “ride your own”. In simplest terms it means go at your own pace, respect your ability level, and do your own thang. No one here is judging you for doing modified push ups or using a lighter weight. We're just stoked for you for starting your journey! Plus, we’ve all been beginners too.

We’ll provide you both safe, effective workout programs AND emotional support for you to have the best workout for YOU. One that sufficiently challenges you but doesn’t leave you crumpled on the floor and so sore you can’t move the next day or worse, injured.

Prior to starting, you’ll receive a movement assessment to assess your ability level and injury risk (we’ll be able to see which exercises will work best for you and which ones we want to avoid to keep you safe). This allows us to customize your training program and make sure it meets you where you’re at and is challenging enough for you to get results but never leaves you feeling overwhelmed in your workout.



We’ll take the guesswork and overwhelm out of your journey towards balance and food freedom. And it works. Our StrongHERs experience freedom from diet culture and body shame, are reclaiming their energy, their vitality, getting in touch with their body’s internal signals so they no longer have to rely on food rules, and experiencing weight loss that feels healthy and sustainable for the long term (if that's their goal).

We're not here to give you a cookie cutter program and tell you to just eat broccoli and dry chicken. Our program’s habit-based approach means developing long term nutrition skills that feel as natural as brushing your teeth before bed or reaching for coffee in the morning, all while showing you that you don't have to suffer to get results.

If you’ve been stuck in the diet cycle of yo-yo'ing weight, unhealthy bingeing habits, chaotic eating and cravings followed by feelings of failure and despair – we’ve got you! We’ve been through it too, we know how it feels and it’s our mission to help you break the cycle for good.



You're no longer doing this alone. You've got me (Coach Erika!) in your pocket, on-demand every step of the way to ensure your success. I'll be checking in with you weekly, and outside of those check-ins you have daily text support for whatever you need. 

I'm here to support you, hold you accountable, and help you make a breakthrough.

BUT when you join StrongHER, you’re not just getting workouts and coaching, you’re getting a group of built in gym buddies through our community of friendly, caring and awesome humans that are here to support, encourage, and celebrate each other. Being in the gym and in our private FB group will provide you side-splitting laughs galore, plenty of mid-workout girl talk, expert burrito recommendations, and of course, real-life answers to any fitness/nutrition questions from people who have been in your shoes.

YOU READY? Start Here!

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