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We don’t always do curls, but when we do they’re Lysol curls 😅🧼

All jokes aside, ⭐Our members' health & well-being is our #1 priority! ⭐

🤗 At StrongHER Fitness, we’re thrilled to be open and ready to help you reach your fitness goals – and we want you to be up-to-date with our efforts to keep you safe and feeling comfortable.

🔥 We are now certified for reopening in compliance with the government's regulations, and are keeping up to date with the CDC's recommendations. Here's what we’re doing in addition:

✅ Masks must be worn at all times inside the gym

✅ 4 members max working out per hour and by appointment only
✅ Disinfecting equipment between each individual use
✅ Maintaining proper physical distance through taped-off 6ft zones
Members are asked to wash their hands before beginning their workout

✅ Increased airflow and ventilation within the facility
✅ Personal disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer provided for each member
✅ Disinfecting all surfaces, doors, pens and other items as needed throughout the day
✅ Workouts that minimize shared equipment

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