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StrongHER Fitness is more than a gym. StrongHER is a mindset and a community.

Our mission is to create confident women who revel in who they are from the inside out and let their fitness and new found capabilities empower them beyond our four walls.

We take a 360 degree approach to wellness and teach women how to work *with* their bodies on their journey to an ever-evolving existence of confidence, vitality and self-trust.



• Sick Of Gaining & Losing The Same Pounds?

• Sick Of The "All Or Nothing" Thinking
When It Comes To Working Out & Healthy Eating?

• Curious About Strength Training, But intimidated By

Big Gyms & Weight Rooms?


At StrongHer Fitness, we do things differently. Our gym is an inclusive space for women of all ages, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds to feel comfortable, safe, encouraged, and supported to make all the decisions they want about their bodies without judgment. A place where you can be yourself and show up fully, free from rules, to grow, embrace fears, and carve your path towards health and fitness..and have fun in the process!


About strongher fitness


Are you on the edge of change? You’re scrolling Pinterest looking for a new workout but you’re frustrated because you don’t know which ones ‘work’?

Or are you dabbling in the self-help section of podcasts + book stores but you don’t know which book/episode will be THE ONE that finally helps you feel more confident?

YOU want simplicity. You want to stop buying bits and pieces of programs because you’re tired and defeated - and you really just want to be able to wear a tank top on a hot day because you feel amazing in your body. You want to eat a f’n piece of pizza without feeling guilt and you want to stop punishing your body with exercise and start enjoying your body – right?

As a fitness + food freedom coach who’s worked with hundreds of women, and also a woman who’s felt the exact same way you feel right now, I GET IT.

Which is why I created StrongHER Fitness’ custom coaching. I know that you need a one stop shop to address the core pillars of living a life you love:

💕Freedom - from diets, and food rules - say yes to food you love without shame or guilt
✨Connection - you want a deeper, more authentic connection with your body so you can stop fighting it
💃🏼Strength - you want to feel confident and strong in workouts that you enjoy + inspire you, and you want to feel a sense of inner strength and confidence that goes beyond the gym

SHF gives women the exact blueprint needed to feel more at home in their body, empowered around food, and confident in their life.

If you’ve been wondering if you should apply to work with us, this is your gentle nudge to go to our free week trial link and apply right now. We promise you won’t regret it.



"Incredible! Erika is a queen at what she does! She’s a badass who not only knows what she’s doing, but she knows how to explain and show what needs to be done in a clear way."

Alecia Salus

"Before SHF I used to hate the gym.  I felt intimidated every time I stepped inside. Everyone else looked like fitness models and definitely knew how to use all of the equipment. I have been going to SHF consistently now 2-3 times each week since 2017.  I have NEVER stuck to a program this long before.  I actually look forward to going to work out. This was unheard of for me.  Erika has motivated me to understand that being strong brings confidence." 

Melanie Montagnon

"If you're looking for a "life transformation" StrongHer Fitness is the place for you! I finally learned that grinding on the hamster wheel for hours of cardio to have the "perfect" body wasn't what being healthy and happy was all about! Erika is simply amazing at assisting you to become the best possible you! Specifically, as a woman, she is empowering and very knowledgeable about postpartum bodies and what is actually going to help you achieve strength! You'll never feel judged and will finally be excited to go to the gym! Can not wait to work with her again at StrongHer Fitness!"

Ashley Cavallo

StrongHer Fitness

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FITNESS COACH - Erika Hurst, B.S.

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