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Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster for Good and Take control of your Nutrition Habits.

Our 12 Week StrongHer Nutrition Program is your complete step-by-step health, wellness, and fat loss program that breaks healthy eating habits down into simple, manageable steps.

You’ve tried several diets in the past, and you’ve realized that they simply don’t work in the long run, and just make you feel even MORE out of control around food. StrongHer Nutrition is about more than just food and weight loss – it’s about long-term behavior change and cultivating the mindset and habits you need to for long term results and sustainable leaner living.

What You’ll Learn with StrongHER 12-Week Nutrition:

  • How to break out of the endless cycle of all or nothing approaches and learn how to build skills and habits that deliver results for life

  • How to effortlessly put together a balanced meal with the goal of maximizing enjoyment and satiety. We’ll tackle one meal at a time, address snacking, & how to adjust your meals to fit your life.

  • Mindful Eating Awareness and deep-diving into what’s driving your current habits, without judgment, and how to manage your feelings around them

  • How to master your body’s hunger & satiety signals and how to appropriately respond to them to meet your body’s changing needs

  • Managing emotional eating, treating it as a symptom, not a condition

  • How to figure out your unique fat loss formula, if that is your goal

Through our easy to use the online platform, you’ll be drip-fed all of your habits and coaching lessons over the course of 12 weeks while working closely with your coach. Together we’ll work through one change at a time to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed so you can actually sustain your new habits.

What makes StrongHer Nutrition different?

We prioritize health, overall wellbeing, and a flexible approach to wellness. We want you to heal your relationship with food, feel confident in your body and figure out what works for you long-term so that you don’t need to be dependent on any "system" or diet rules.

We also believe there is no weight worth sacrificing your mental health for and that your ideal body weight sits where your physical, emotional, and social health meet.


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